Educational Mission

Educational Mission

Scholarship + Leadership

To foster leadership and scholarship potential in students whose rural and socioeconomic backgrounds might bar them from higher education.

When Natalie returned home to care for her father during his cancer battle, she realized how educational excellence and access to scholarships create lasting effects on scholars’ lives and started her own business to bridge this gap.

Equity + Empowerment

To ensure that sidelined individuals are seen, heard, and uplifted.

The next generation’s ability to foster change is stifled as long as our systems fail underserved students. One of Natalie’s goals is to continue learning about our nation’s history of suppressing minority, LGBT, or low-income individuals.

Responsive Teaching

To adapt (remote) instruction to a wide range of learners.

A standardized test prep instructor during this remote era, Natalie is well-versed in remote learning environments, from utilizing a variety of tools to keep engagement high, adapting materials for accessibility, or diversifying content when needed for different styles of learners.