Education and Honors

Education and Honors

MSc Oceanography, Distinction

University of Southampton, Southampton, England (2016)

MSc Oceanography Thesis Project (Marine and Molecular Biology):

  • Development of a copper resistance determinant as a selectable marker in genetic transformation of marine picocyanobacteria

Courses and Coursework:

  • Hands-on vessel-work deploying CTDS, Secchi disks, YSI meters, and side-scan sonar
  • Biological / Chemical / Physical Oceanography, Marine Geology
  • Global Ocean Carbon Cycles, Ocean Acidification, and Climate Change
  • Structure and Dynamics of Marine Communities
  • Remote Sensing of the Ocean
  • Environmental Radioactivity and Radiochemistry
  • International Maritime and Environmental Law

BS Biology, Summa Cum Laude

Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana (2015)

BS Biology-Honors Thesis Project (Aquatic Toxicology)

  • The effect of caffeine and paraxanthine on the growth, mobility, fecundity, and mortality of a freshwater snail, Physa acuta


  • Introduction to Recombinant DNA/RNA Technology
  • Cell Biology
  • Genetics
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Ecology
  • Botany


YogaRenew, registering with YogaAlliance (2020)

  • Trained in anatomy, alignment, asanas, modifications, teaching cues, and sequencing, with further studies in yoga history and philosophy, bandhas, meditation, pranayama, chakras, mudras, vayus, nadis, and koshas

PADI (2014)

  • Over 70 hookah dives and 50 hours logged in aquarium setting

Lisa Powers, International Reiki Organization, National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (2019)

  • Knowledge of how to use Reiki and meditation techniques for restorative and supportive purposes, connecting principles of Reiki to our outward life to bring about change

Transformation Services (2019)

  • Listening and questioning, rapport building, self-talk, and overcoming indecision
  • Goal setting (SMART and meaningful, monthly to multi-year terms)
  • Identifying cognitive distortions, locus of control, journaling, and exposure techniques
  • Trained in physiology, nutritional guidance, and fitness goal-setting and psychology