About Natalie

Welcome to Finding Natalie!

This is me, Natalie, a 24-year old American who’s still trying to figure out myself, the world, and what it all means.

The Heel Stone - Fulbright Study Abroad and Travel

When I was little, I was able to travel around the US with my parents and grandparents. A few of the places we saw were:  Williamsburg, the Smokey Mountains, New Orleans, the dunes of Michigan, and all of the amazing arches, canyons, and landscapes of the Great Basin Desert (and one terrifying, thrilling, and almost spiritual hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon).

Traveling opened my eyes to areas with incredible history, both human and natural. Spending one-on-one time with my bibliophilic nana and papaw inspired me to read everything I could get my hands on and record my experiences in travel journals. I credit these trips for sparking my love of learning, which helped me earn a full ride for my BS in Biology in 2011.

In 2015, I earned a US-UK Fulbright scholarship to pursue my MSc in Oceanography in the UK, which was my first ever trip outside of the US. Now, I’ve got a travel itch so big that I’ve decided to change direction and am attempting to make a living from being a remote writer. Here’s crossing my fingers that it works!

When I’m staying in place and fighting that travel urge, I enjoy some pretty normal things:  reading, hiking, baking, playing guitar and piano, cuddling with my cats, eating Italian food, and being incredibly anxious about the future.

So come along with me on the journey of Finding Natalie!

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